Tricoya Wooden Front Doors

Tricoya - A Cutting-Edge Material For External Doors 

Make an entrance, with a revolutionary material that has created a new breed of wooden front door. Totally waterproof, with extreme durability and dimensional stability, there isn't a product out there quite like it. Tricoya® is the ultimate solution to combat failing timber external doors. 

Our Tricoya® front and external doors last longer, perform better, are environmentally friendly and cost significantly less than composite doors.

Find out more information on the outstanding perfromance of Tricoya® and view our range below. 

Wooden Front Doors 

A front door is a first impression because it is the first thing that any visitor may see when entering a property. It therefore needs to look great and to leave a lasting impression. Whilst oak front doors are one of the most popular choices, it can be argued that our MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME®, range supersedes it tremendously. 

Weatherproof your door...

Introducing the next generation in engineered timber, our MTX external door range.

- High performance, high quality Tricoya®

- Lock out the wet, no swelling, no warping, no rotting and deterioration

- No draughts caused by shrinkage 

- Water resistant, Weather resistant

- Bye bye fungus, hello insulation

- Enhanced stability and durability

- No sticking, no catching

- No annual maintenance 

- Available in a range of designs, from traditional front doors to contemporary front doors  

- Whether you are after a black front door, pink front door or white front door, we can paint it for you or they are available primed ready to paint

What is a MTX door and what is the technology behind it? 

The technology behind Tricoya® is based on wood acetylation. Acetylation changes the free hydroxyls in the wood, to acetyl groups. This happens by reacting the wood with acetic anhydride, which comes from acetic acid (essentially vinegar when in its dilute form). Tricoya® is engineered using a high performance resin with no added formaldehyde, exceeding EU E1 and also being CARB2 compliant.

How are Tricoya® Wooden Doors Sustainable? 

  • We use of fast-growing wood species from well managed forests

  • The wood and processes are non-toxic with a firm focus on recyclability

  • Life Cycle - from seed, to tree, to sawmill, to Tricoya® wood elements, to end panel, to re-use as wood fibre or as a source of embedded energy