Style. Substance. Sustainability.

Introducing the next generation in engineered timber.
Introducing our MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME door range.

Crafted from MDF that has been chemically enhanced for optimum performance, it lasts longer in external conditions, performs better, is environmentally friendly and costs significantly less than a composite door.

In other words, it’s true value.


Whatever yours might be.

Because our MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME doors can be customised and personalised to fit the style and era of your house.

Choose from our diverse pre-painted range, or take it home and paint in any colour you like. Click through to see our colour range.

Then choose your locks, and any other furniture you fancy, until you’ve created your perfect front door.

The doors can also be trimmed on site to fit your existing frame.



Engineered timber to be precise.

Our MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME door MDF has been chemically enhanced for optimum performance.

The process adds nothing that doesn’t naturally occur in the timber, and the result delivers incredable durability, stability and strength.

It’s a natural wood door, transformed to deliver supernatural performance.


Matching style and substance every step of the way.

Not only are our MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME doors durable – we offer a whole host of quality guarantees as standard - but they are part of a ‘bio cycle’ within the circular economy.

That means the timber is from a renewable source, that it has a low (or negative) carbon footprint, and that it’s biodegradable.

So every one of our MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME doors has the potential, at the end of its lifespan, be broken down into the nutrients to help grow and nourish new plants and trees.


Our Tricoya Range.