Mode by XL

Interior Laminate Doors

Perfect for modern life, our Mode range of high performance laminates offers maximum style and superb functionality with minimum cost.

With 4 carefully chosen door styles across a dreamy grey palette, including: glazed doors, fire doors and standard and metric sizes; browse through our range today.

Download the Mode by XL look book today or request a laminate door colour sample.

Our Mode laminate internal door styles: 

Affordable luxury, we have curated our pre-finished wood effect laminates in Forli, Ravenna, Palermo and Salerno door designs. Glass and fire door versions are available across the ranges. Whatever door solution you may require, our laminates are available across a wide range of systems. Are doors are suitable for:

- Doorsets

- Pocket doors

- Room dividers

- Wardrobe system


Finishing our internal laminate grey doors:

Our grey laminates will arrive almost ready to hang but any bare timber areas caused by trimming and hardware fitting, need to be adequately treated before the final fitting of the door.

Any unfinished areas will require a light sanding prior to finishing using a fine grade sandpaper, (grit number 240 or 320).