Interior Walnut Doors

The natural beauty of an interior walnut timber door can create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Add a touch of elegance by framing them with white skirting and architrave. Find out more below.

Walnut Internal Doors

The natural beauty and colour of Walnut Doors offer a warm and inviting atmosphere in the home. Elegant walnut hues can be used to accentuate a neutral style of home that utilises a white, cream or magnolia backdrop to create a striking appearance. Alternatively, walnut can be used throughout creating a soft, cost atmosphere. The popularity of walnut furniture in the UK is growing year on year and like most current trends is derived from the continent.

Pre-Finished Walnut Doors

Most homes in the UK have existing white architrave and skirting and darker timbers like walnut work in harmony alongside them, therefore meaning that there is no necessity to replace existing accents as they can actually be enhanced with the darker timber. A contemporary home with walnut doors display an elegant and sophisticated feel and a number of our doors within the Alumina Collection combine walnut timber with real aluminium inlays that helps to frame the door whilst showcasing real class.

Walnut Fire Doors

Creating consistency in any home is key and that is why our Walnut Door Collection have matching panelled, glazed and fire door options available.

The walnut timber within our Ravenna and Messina Doors is a true spectacle as the alternating grain directions really do bring the door to life and cannot be achieved to this level in any other timber. View our collection of doors and their lifestyle room shots to try to ascertain the full effect or alternatively find your local stockist using our stockist finder to view these doors in person.