French Doors

A pair of French Doors can really open up a home by allowing natural light to flow through various rooms in the property.

Available in a range of different timbers and sizes the La Porte French doors also come with a high security locking mechanism.

Wooden French Doors

XL's range of hardwood french doors are perfecting for opening up a home. The La Porte range offers superb quality French Doors to suit all kinds of interiors.

External Wooden French Doors

External wooden french doors create the perfect transition from the inside to the outside, bringing natural light and space into the home.

Oak French Doors

Our french doors use the highest quality, sustainably sourced oak. 

French Doors with Side Windows

Sidelight panels for french doors provide extra light and open up your french doors even further.

White French Doors

Our range of pre-finished french doors come in classic oak or white.