A Guide to Door Sizes

A Guide to Door Sizes

09 September 2020

What are standard interior doors sizes?

Are interior door sizes standard? Unfortunately for consumers, there is no single standard door size used in the UK. Rather, there is a number of frequently used door sizes which can be found in most homes. What you will find most often, and this is true on the XL Joinery website, is that the doors are displayed in height x width x depth.

Having said this, there are some more common sizes which are frequently found:

  • 1981 x 457/533 x 35mm – this smaller size is often used for cupboard or wardrobes
  • 1981 x 610/686 x 35mm – A common door for smaller spaces of buildings
  • 1981 x 762 x 35mm – often referred to as a 2’ 6” door – this is one of the most common sized internal door in the UK
  • 1981 x 838 x 35mm – also known as a 2’9” door. These are one of the most commonly used doors for wheelchair access

What are Metric Door Sizes?

Metric door sizes are becoming more popular, especially in Scotland and the UK. The main difference with these doors is an increase in height to 2040mm and an increased thickness to 40mm. Common sizes are 2040 x 562/626/726/826/926 x 40mm.

What Are the Door Sizes in a New Build?

There is currently no standard interior door size for new builds in the UK. Instead of this, there are a set of minimum requirements that architects and builders must adhere to when designing new build homes. These are as follows:

Internal dwelling doors


Direction and width of approach

 Minimum clear opening width (mm

Straight-on (without a turn or oblique approach)           


At right angles to a hallway / landing at least 1200mm wide


At right angles to a corridor / landing at least 1050mm wide


At right angles to a corridor / landing less than 1050mm wide (min. width 900mm)



Standard Door Thicknesses

As with size, door thickness varies from door to door, and for specific uses. The most common thickness of an internal door is 35-40mm, but some fire doors go up to 54mm.

How to Determine Which Size Door You Need

If you don’t know what size door you need, it’s a simple process to measure it. For a more detailed description on how to measure your door you can read our article here, but to quickly recap:

  1. Measure the height of the door in two places, ideally the left and right side.
  2. The width in two places, ideally top and bottom
  3. The thickness in two places, top and bottom.

Always keep in mind that doors are often trimmed to provide the perfect fit, so always err on buying a larger door if you are between two sizes.

Door Size Chart (Metric, Imperial and Inches)

The below chart should serve as a handy guide to figuring what size door your need regardless of whether you need to know door sizes in MM, door sizes in inch, or door sizes in feet.  

Metric (mm)

Imperial (feet & inches)

Imperial (inches)

1981 x 305

6ft 6" x 1ft

78" x 12"

1981 x 381

6ft 6" x 1ft 3"

78" x 15"

1981 x 457

6ft 6" x 1ft 6"

78" x 18"

1981 x 533

6ft 6" x 1ft 9"

78" x 21"

1981 x 610

6ft 6" x 2ft

78" x 24"

1981 x 686

6ft 6" x 2ft 3"

78" x 27"

1981 x 711

6ft 6" x 2ft 4"

78" x 28"

1981 x 762

6ft 6" x 2ft 6"

78" x 30"

2032 x 813

6ft 8" x 2ft 8"

80" x 32"

1981 x 838

6ft 6" x 2ft 9"

78" x 33"

1981 x 864

6ft 6" x 2ft 10"

78" x 34"

2040 x 526

6ft 8.3" x 1ft 8.7"

80.3" x 20.7"

2040 x 626

6ft 8.3" x 2ft 0.6"

80.3" x 24.6"

2040 x 726

6ft 8.3" x 2ft 4.6"

80.3" x 28.6"

2040 x 826

6ft 8.3" x 2ft 8.5"

80.3" x 32.5"

2040 x 926

6ft 8.3" x 3ft 0.5"

80.3" x 36.5"

How Wide to Disabled Doors Have To Be?

According to the Department for Social Development, a disabled access door width must be at least 825 mm, which is roughly 32.5 inches. This value was possibly based on the standard size of wheelchairs that range from 24 to 27 inches. Thus, 32 inches gives enough allowance for easy manoeuvring in doorways. However, most organisations or people tend to opt for a door width of 900mm which is 35.433 inches.

For any more guidance or door sizes, or any other aspect of interior doors including design and installation, give our friendly team a call on 01924 350500 or contact us here.


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