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Freefold - the perfect solution for any room in your home.
The new XL Freefold System will provide a new meaning to internal room divider systems.

Freefold - the perfect solution for any room in your home.

Whether you want to make one room two or two rooms one, the Freefold is the choice.  The system allows for:
  • the creation of two rooms by closing all the doors
  • the creation of one large room by fully opening all the doors
  • an internal French door solution with side panels

Available with any 24” door from the XL range and in a range of configurations the system really is a flexible option.

For more information on this product please visit our product pages on the website or alternatively contact for further information.

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Freefold - the perfect solution for any room in your home.
The new XL Freefold System will provide a new meaning to internal room divider systems.

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