Internal Doors Buying Guide

Internal Doors Buying Guide

12 September 2019

When it comes to buying internal doors for your home, it’s essential to choose the right doors for you. Whether you’re renovating or you’re planning a self-build project, interior doors can make all the difference to how your property looks. But aside from getting the style right, there are other things to think about. Our internal doors buying guide explores the key considerations before you make a purchase.


Once you have a design in mind, the next consideration is the finish of your doors. From the clean, refreshing look of white primed doors to matching your décor with painted doors, there’s plenty of finish options out there. Most people prefer to use the same style of door throughout their home but different finishes can really help you bring your home to life with many XL Joinery styles available in multiple finishes.   


Just like finishes, many doors are also available with glazed variants. This gives you more design control to have one style of door throughout your home and then pick the glazed counterpart to let more light into rooms such as your kitchen.


Another careful consideration to make before you pick your doors is how they will be fitted. Sometimes space requirements mean you will need your doors to open outwards rather than inwards, or you might be thinking about door pairs or room dividers. Pocket doors are also a handy space-saving option, particularly for self-builds as they can be built into the walls.


Measuring up is an essential step before you commit. Most of the time, your doors will be a standard size which means your chosen style will be readily available. In older properties, you might find that you have non-standard door frames and might need to think about bespoke doors.

Fire doors

First of all, you need to know the regulations surrounding fire doors and whether they are compulsory for your project. For example, new build or renovated homes with three or more storeys must have fire doors. In some circumstances, you may want to get fire doors fitted anyway for safety reasons. For more information, check out our article on fire doors here.


Doors generally don’t come with all the extra bits and pieces you might need such as handles and hinges. This is so you have the freedom to select the hardware you really want to complete the look of your home or to allow you to re-use handles etc from previous doors. XL Joinery has a range of door accessories to help you get the finishes touches just right.


Setting yourself a realistic budget is important before you start shopping for internal doors. Remember to think about additional costs such as any accessories you might need, whether you’ll need bespoke options, who’s going to fit the doors and where you’re going to buy from.

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